We are One Team with a single mission to make a difference every day in the lives of our customers and our people.
Each One. Every One.


Leaving a Legacy

In our customers
so they walk away with positive memories and an experience they will search for in future partnerships.

In our culture
so that what we have built here lives on in us and 
through us as we pay it forward in our next opportunity.

In our community
where CoreLink creates a ripple that inspires 
positive change and connection.

CoreLink’s doors will be closing within the next three years and each of us wish we could keep them open for another 300! Despite this, we are still dedicated to leaving a positive legacy before we say goodbye.


Since 2009, CoreLink Administrative Solutions has provided healthcare technology to insurance companies in three states, which in turn save them and their members money, create efficiencies and improve their capabilities. These insurance companies do their best to provide value to their customers and we are proud to contribute to that goal.


We demonstrate the highest levels of honesty, trustworthiness and respect for each other.

We develop and nurture effective working relationships that contribute to achieving shared goals.

We create and promote a learning environment that encourages creativity in achieving efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Customer Focus
We are in business to serve and assist our customers in meeting the needs of their customers.

CoreLink is a software development and services company which builds the software to run health insurance plans. Our employees have led in Agile development approaches, led in Unisys COBOL technologies and also developed solutions in C# including .NET/Angular development frameworks. Team CoreLink consists of innovative, driven, creative, team-oriented, talented and customer-focused individuals who want to make a difference for their customers every day.

CoreLink is extremely proud to be involved in the communities we call home.

We are proud to focus our organization’s charitable efforts to the United Way and Ronald McDonald House in both the Fargo and Omaha metros.

We value the work we do and the way in which we do it at CoreLink. Working with an agile mindset means that the focus is always on delivering value, remaining flexible, maintaining high-visibility, and seeking constant ways to improve. To support this way of working we participate in efficient meetings, engage in regular trainings, and never shy away from honest conversations.

We believe that everyone can lead from where they are. Every employee is encouraged to take on new challenges, spread knowledge, and make decisions for the good of the company.

A Letter from CEO Joni Wheeler

As one team with a single mission to make a difference every day in the lives of our customers and our people, CoreLink has created a culture that supports both personal and professional excellence.

Some members of this team have spent the better part of ten years building the core in CoreLink, a place that promotes “leading from where you are” and taking care of each other.

Every journey is different, but one thing remains the same: it isn’t about the beginning or even the end, but the things that happen in between that count. CoreLink’s journey has reached a stage that is bittersweet.

At CoreLink, leaving a legacy is three-fold. It’s in our customers, so they walk away with positive memories and an experience they will search for in future partnerships. It’s in our culture, so that what we have built here lives on in us and through us. And, it’s in our community, where CoreLink creates a ripple that inspires positive change and connection.

At CoreLink, you’ll find leaders at every level with talents and skills that set them at the top of the industry. I’m consistently encouraged by their passion.

And, at CoreLink, a spirit of thankfulness fills the office spaces and hallways and conference rooms. We’re thankful for the customers who’ve trusted us to build and maintain incredible technologies since 2009. And, we’re thankful for each other and the sense of family that extends beyond just our day-to-day work.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Joni Wheeler, CEO